Our virtual world in gather.town

Tufts students are distributed across multiple campuses, and our alumni are building entrepreneurial ventures all over the world. To help the community meet and greet, we have constructed a password protected virtual world on gather.town, a platform where you can navigate a digital world with custom rooms and interactive spaces. Read on to learn more about our virtual world – and sign up for meetups and events to experience it for yourself.

Quick instructions

Navigation within Gather

Our “facilities” in Gather.town is a two-dimensional virtual world. When you enter the world you will choose an avatar, then you will be able to move about using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Interacting with posters and videos

Within the virtual world, there are virtual posters and videos that provide information about specific topics of interest. Press X to view the poster or video. Press X again to cancel.

Talking to humans

When you get close to another person’s avatar, their video will appear on top of your Gather window and you can talk to them via video chat. You can overhear other people’s conversations if you are close to them- except when you enter a private area where you will only hear people who are also in that area.


Student lounge

Expo Hall