Entrepreneurship Learning Center

Welcome to our Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Learning Center!

Starting a new venture but don’t have much experience in innovation and entrepreneurship? You’ve come to the right place.

Tufts University’s Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Learning Center provides you with the concepts, frameworks and skillset needed to build a new venture from scratch. The six modules showcased in this learning center will build a strong foundation for further learning on your own, either through engaging in additional online learning opportunities or through applying theory to practice in your own new ventures. Feel free to go in order or start exploring any module at will.

Entrepreneurship is not unlike a game of chutes and ladders. While the modules are laid out roughly in the order of questions that an entrepreneur needs to answer in building a new venture, the core spirit of entrepreneurship means that we need to be nimble and be ready to pivot when we gather new data. It’s not a linear process but we promise each time you go through a build-measure-learn loop, you will get faster and better at it, until the entrepreneurial process becomes second nature.

Let’s get started!

Building a new venture from scratch

Module 1: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Module 2: Market & Customer

Module 3: Solution & Differentiation

Module 4: Go to Market & Sales

Module 5: Making Money

Module 6: Building a company

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