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Pitch deck templates and examples for venture rounds

Hubspot, a marketing software company that pioneered "inbound marketing", has a fantastic post about how to design a pitch deck that doesn't suck. This post also includes best practices for a modern take to slide design. 


Sequoia Capital, an elite VC firm in Silicon Valley, has a much-cited pitch deck template in circulation. This is the original post where they outlined what should go into the pitch deck. 

This is a helpful artist's interpretation of the bare bones outline.



Guy Kawasaki, an investor, author, thought leader and former Apple strategist, has a timeless 10-slide infographic that outlines everything you need to include in a new venture pitch.

A great blog post by Mathilde Collin, Co-Founder & CEO of Front, about how she and her team built the deck for their A-round

Learn more here:

A blow by blow description of the Brex Series B deck with which they raised $19M in 2019.

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SlideShare of the actual deck here:

Venngate has re-imagined some legendary pitch decks here. However, please note that some of these pitch decks are very old - for example, Facebook's pitch deck is included, as is Uber. Times change and the bar for raising money changes too. Make sure you check the year when these companies were pitched. If the pitch deck for a first seed raise is more than 3 years old, then you should use the deck as inspiration - just don't draw conclusions about what is investable versus not from a scale standpoint.

Storytelling frameworks

Randy Olson, a former professor turned speech coach, has a book titled "Houston, we have a narrative" in which he uses the easy to understand "And, But, Therefore" (ABT) framework to help scientists and technologists learn to stop boring their audience with technical jabberwocky and start telling emotionally interesting stories about science and technology.

The inimitable Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) gave a hilarious talk about the shape of stories, using Cinderella and other such examples to illustrate the importance of varying the emotional content while telling a story.

Public speaking and presence tips

Scott Kirsner, CEO of Innovation Leader and a Boston Globe columnist and Rachel Cossar, a presence coach who used to be a professional dancer, have a hilarious short video posted in 2020 that illustrates how to have the best stage presence while on Zoom. Tips including background, lighting, camera setup, body language and more.

Example startup pitches

Techstars Farm-to-Fork is a food and agriculture tech focused accelerator. This is the demo day footage for the 10 startups in the fall 2020 cohort. Watch a few to get a sense of the style and make notes on what works and what doesn't work.


500 Digital Demo Day is the first online-only Demo Day hosted by 500 Startups. Hear from 25 of our most recent graduates from their San Francisco Accelerator, as well as  big updates from the 500 executive team on changes to their accelerator and advice for startups during the COVID-19 crisis.


Kong Pham, Founder & CEO of Jumpcut, breaks down his Y Combination pitch with which he raised $2 million.