Highly curated resources for the Tufts innovator and entrepreneur

The internet is overflowing with free entrepreneurship education resources. There is so much material that it is hard to know what to look at first. What is more, innovation and entrepreneurship changes at warp speed – but the educational materials out there may not be up to date. One could easily end up learning outdated concepts, methodologies or benchmarks that hurt your credibility when you pitch your ventures to advisors or investors.

Our aspiration is to provide you with a carefully curated set of materials that are high quality and either timeless or contemporary, so you can get a first pass grounding of basic principles. Over time, we will be building out a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship knowledgebase and content library tailor made for the Tufts innovator and entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship books

Books that introduce frameworks every entrepreneur should learn

Educational videos

Engaging videos on innovation and entrepreneurship

Pitching your venture

Learning to put forward your very best pitch

Playbooks & templates

Resources to help you plan and run a business

Boston Innovation Guide

A clearing house of everything entrepreneurial in the Boston ecosystem

Startup perks

Free or discounted services for startup entrepreneurs