The Tufts Center for Equine Respiratory Health is the only place in New England where your horse – whether you have a 10-goal polo pony, a D3 Pony Club horse, a future Derby winner, or a beloved backyard pet – can have a complete respiratory workup, including evaluation by respiratory medicine experts, lung function testing, tests of airway reactivity, chest radiographs, bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage with cytologic analysis on-site by a recognized expert, and examination by our ultrasonographers, as well as dynamic treadmill endoscopy.

We not only do the testing, but we evaluate it as well, and create a plan for your horse to return to performance excellence.  Our clinical research has pioneered and validated lung function testing in horses, helped to demonstrate a link between respiratory virus and equine asthma, explored the significance of cough in different populations of horses, established the significance of biomarkers in the diagnosis of equine asthma, quantified the effect of albuterol on treadmill performance and airway reactivity, and examined lung function in aging horses, among other things.

Whether you bring us your horse or send us your BAL for cytological analysis, our mission is to help all horses to reach their respiratory potential.