Tufts Engineering Student Council Hosted the Engineering BBQ at the brand new SEC Patio! We made Burgers, hot dogs, and even veggie burgers. Thank you for those who came out.



Final points for E-Week:

Chemical Engineers: 88 points

Electrical Engineers: 68 points

Mechanical Engineers: 54 points

Biomedical Engineers: 42 points

Civil Engineers: 28 points

Computer Science: 26 points


Scoring Guidelines for E-Week:

  • Attending an event = 1pt per student in attendance
  • Winning one of the competitions = 10pts for your major
  • Selfie with professors = 1pt per student in photo * 5 * number of faculty in photo
  • Liking the Engineering Student Council (ESC) Facebook page = 2pts per student
  • Selfie with an ESC E-week poster = 2pts per student in photo
  • Discussing an engineering community issue with an ESC board member or emailing us with a problem at our gmail (see contact us) = 10pts per issue raised

** All photos must be posted on the Engineering Student Council Facebook page     **


Tufts Engineering Student Council invites you to attend our big E-week kickoff. We will be hosting a large panel of seven to eight engineers covering all of the major engineering disciplines at Tufts. The panel will be from 6:00 to 8:00 on Tuesday the 21st of February in Dowling Room 745. The panelists will be talking about career path and giving advice to students about their education and future endeavors. After the formal panel concludes we will be having a more informal appetizers and networking time to talk individually to the panelists.


Welcome to the new Engineering Student Council (ESC) web page! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming E-week from Feb 21st through Feb 25th. In the mean time take a look around our site and tell us what you think. If you would like more information about what we do on campus or how to get involved select the contact us tab and send us an email.


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