Time to Meet Your Major!

As the deadline to declare a major approaches, it is normal that freshmen have a lot of questions and feel pressured. The ESC is here to help you!

Come to the SEC Atrium on February 18th from 1.30 pm to 3 pm , and talk to both faculty members and students from the different majors in the School of Engineering! This event is part of Tufts’ Engineers Week.

Check the full list of representatives below and their contact information. We hope this was helpful as you decide your major!

Biomedical Engineering:

  • Faculty: David Kaplan (david.kaplan@tufts.edu)
  • Student: Sevara Nasritdinova (sevara.nasritdinova@tufts.edu)

Mechanical Engineering:

Human Factors Engineering:

  • Faculty: James Intriligator (james.intriligator@tufts.edu)
  • Student: Rebecca Lee (rebecca.Lee615217@tufts.edu)

Civil Engineering:

  • Faculty: Laurie Baise (laurie.baise@tufts.edu)
  • Student: Taylor Roddy (taylor.roddy@tufts.edu)

Environmental Engineering:

  • Faculty: Daniele Lantagne (daniele.lantagne@tufts.edu)
  • Student: Elizabeth Mitchell (elizabeth.mitchell2@tufts.edu)

Computer Science / Data Science:

Electrical Engineering:

  • Faculty: Thomas Vandervelde (tvanderv@ece.tufts.edu)
  • Student: Anoushka Alavilli (Anoushka.Alavilli@tufts.edu)

Computer Engineering:

  • Faculty: Steven Bell (steven.bell@tufts.edu)
  • Student: Ryan McFarlane (Ryan.McFarlane@tufts.edu)

Engineering Physics:

  • Faculty: Lawrence Ford (ford@cosmos.phy.tufts.edu)
  • Student: Freja Perin (freja.perin@tufts.edu)

Chemical Engineering:

  • Faculty:
  • Students:
    • Amogh Morje (Amogh.Morje@tufts.edu)
    • Evan Liao (Evan.Liao@tufts.edu)
    • Evan Hu (Evan.Hu@tufts.edu)

Additionally, we’ll have people from the Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship minors, and representatives from the office of the Academic Dean!

Minor in Engineering Management:

  • Faculty: Jennifer Braggin (jennifer.braggin@tufts.edu)
  • Students:
    • Erce Ozmetin (erce.Ozmetin@tufts.edu)
    • Eric Epstein (eric.epstein@tufts.edu)

Minor in Entrepreneurship:

  • Faculty: Elaine Chen (elaine.chen@tufts.edu)
  • Students:
    • Judy Charamand (judy.charamand@tufts.edu)
    • Eric Epstein (eric.epstein@tufts.edu)

Academic Dean Office:

  • John Gearin (john.gearin@tufts.edu)
  • Tara Zantow (tara.zantow@tufts.edu)