Treasure Hunt

Date: April 30th, 2021

Time: 12 – 2 pm


The end of the semester is coming! Ready for a game before finals? Did we mention you have a chance to win UberEats Gift Cards?

Get Ready for the ESC Treasure Hunt!


  • All teams must choose a leader before the event. This leader will be the only person that posts the pictures and tags us. Team members will send their pictures to the team leader, who will then post them.
  • Tag ESC only on the first and last picture of your stories (but you still post all the pictures, we will check them).
  • Participants must agree how they want to split the UberEats Card if they win.
  • Like to take selfies? This is your chance! Team members must take a selfie in front of the landmarks (this is the photo the leaders will post).
  • Very important: Charge your phone before the treasure hunt!
  • Last but not least, finish the hunt asap!
  • Have fun 🙂

Go form your teams! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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