Record a Lecture

  • Kaltura Tools in Canvas: If you are using Canvas for a course, you can use the Kaltura tools—My Media and the Media Gallery—to capture video and share it with students.
  • Echo360: If you are familiar with Echo360, activate the tool in your Canvas course site and use Echo360 Personal Capture software to record and share a screencast.
  • Zoom: You can use Zoom to record a video and then share a link to it in Canvas. But for long-term access to the video you’ll have to migrate it to Canvas/Kaltura or Echo360.
  • Box Capture is an iOS app which can be installed on an Apple phone or table.  You can then login with your Tufts Box login info, capture video, and send it out via Box.
  • Quicktime Player, runs on Apple computers and lets the user capture video. The recorded video is stored locally on the computer. It can then be uploaded into Canvas with the Kaltura media tools.
  • iPad: With an iPad, you can record your screen and microphone while using any app on the iPad. The video file is saved to Photos, and can be uploaded via an iOS app like Box or Echo360, or synced with your computer and uploaded to Kaltura or Canvas. 

Visit the Video Tools for Teaching Guide to learn more about choosing a video tool.