Explain Everything is an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard, screencasting, and screen recording app. With it you can:

  • Show a presentation from an iPad or PC – this frees you from the podium – you can walk around as you present
  • Import media objects like images, videos, slides, and documents directly from Box and other environments
  • Place media objects to interact with on an infinitely big, zoomable whiteboard
  • Move objects around and annotate as you present, using drawings, shapes, and text
  • Annotate, narrate, and move and scale things on the whiteboard as you record from an iPad or PC
  • Create your own animations using the drawing and recording tools
  • Collaborate with other people to create images and animations in real time
  • Share your creations in an online portal, where they are viewable as video

One user described it as “a superhero version of PowerPoint”

To get started:

Visit: Explain Everything

Learn How: Explain Everything User Guide

Get Support: Contact edtech@tufts.edu