The Instructional Technology Exploration Program (ITEP) offers faculty an honorarium and 1:1 support for designing, implementing, and assessing the impact of a new teaching-with-technology practice in a small part of a course. Priority is given to proposals that involve repurposing class time traditionally spent in lecture mode, but ideas are not limited to this scenario. We emphasize that this can be a single class session, a chapter, a project, or other small unit of a course; it should not involve a full course re-design.
We are not currently accepting proposals for new ITEP projects. However, we encourage you to reach out to us at at any time to ask questions or request a consultation.

What does this program entail?

  • a series of consultations with an educational technologist to redesign a single lesson, unit, or class session in a way that encourages deeper student engagement. Estimated time commitment: 5 meetings on average, subject to change based on individual faculty needs.
  • the integration of a technology that is new to the instructor
  • a lightweight assessment of the activity
  • a reflection on the experience through a blog post for Teaching@Tufts

How does the honorarium work?

Before the project commences, each faculty member signs a memorandum of understanding that outlines the requirements to be fulfilled before receiving the $500 honorarium. Honoraria will be awarded at the conclusion of the semester, provided all of the requirements have been completed.

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

Any Tufts faculty member who is the instructor of record for a current course (and has not previously participated in this program) may apply. This program is open to faculty from all Tufts schools.

For other questions, email us at