UIT Educational & Scholarly Technology Services is a university-wide service group at Tufts University. Our group offers faculty development programs year-round; consults directly with Tufts faculty to support teaching, learning, and scholarly collaboration with technology; designs, develops, and integrates academic technology applications; and provisions new systems to enable teaching, learning, research, and co-curricular endeavors across diverse contexts at Tufts University. We plan for, implement, and sustain academic technology services and initiatives in close collaboration with Tufts’ academic deans, faculty and students across Schools and programs, IT colleagues and fellow academic resource organizations.

Highlights from FY10 include facilitating a successful university-wide Next-Generation Tufts LMS strategic planning project, release of the Mellon-funded VUE 3, development of a new repository for university records and a faculty research submission mechanism for the Tufts Digital Library, release of the WordPress blogging/websites service as a new offering in the Spark suite of communication and collaboration tools, design and development of the Bengali Oral History site as a Berger Grant partnership, and expansion of the Faculty IT Liaison Program to The Fletcher School and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. See our e-newsletter, TLR Innovations, for more stories of academic technology innovation and partnership.

Outreach & Communication:

  • TLR Innovations – two new issues
    TLR Innovations

    TLR Innovations

  • Faculty IT Liaison Program (FITLP) – completed Year 2 in School of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering, expanded to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
  • Presented at New Faculty Orientation and TA Orientation 2009
  • GIFT Program presentation
  • Technology Fair 2009 as part of Back-to-School
  • Tailored overview of AT tools and services for German, Russian, and Asian Languages
  • Overview of Educational Technology tools and services for Dental School faculty and planning for focused follow-up workshops and support
  • UIT Encyclopedia of Teaching with Technology – new articles and Faculty Profiles
  • UIT Highlights blog entries and additional staff blogging about education and emerging technologies
  • Regional and national presentations and participation at NERCOMP annual conference and one-day workshops, Sakai annual conference, Boston-area Ed Tech Group, MIT Tech Fair, Transparent Text, Visual Interpretations. Co-chaired NERCOMP Annual Conference Program Committee.
  • Contributions to UIT’s Fall 2009 issue of Innovations through Technology

Consultation & Planning:

  • ~560 Consultations across the University in FY10
    Spark Suite

    Spark Suite

  • Consultation and technical support for Spark, VUE, Adobe Connect, VisWall, and GIS Lab
  • Consultation for expanding Child Development virtual worlds environment
  • Consultation for The Fletcher School’s Haiti relief program
  • Grant/proposal consultations and authorship including two NSF Biology proposals, NSF Education grant, NEH and NSF grant proposals for VUE, etc.
  • Frontline support for VUE users within Tufts and internationally (70,000+ users worldwide)
  • Participation on University Committee on Teaching & Faculty
    Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)

    VUE – Visual Understanding Environment

    Development (UCTFD)

  • Participation on University Library Council (ULC)
  • Participation on Tufts Libraries‘ Emerging Technologies Team, Scholarly Communications Team, and Next Generation Search & Discovery Task Force
  • Participation on IT Leaders Forum (ITLF) and support for IT Advisory Council (ITAC)
  • Designed and led Information Design workshops for GIS students
  • Regular strategic planning and collaboration with partners at CELT and Libraries
  • Participated on Student Preparation Task Force with Tisch College for Active Citizenship & Public Policy

Projects & Partnerships:

  • Next-Generation University LMS Strategy Project completed successfully
    Next-Generation Tufts LMS Strategy

    Next-Generation Tufts LMS Strategy Project

  • VUE 3 released with Zotero integration, prototypes of Twitter and IM integration, additional language localization, fine-tuning of layout algorithms, improved multi-screen support and enabled presentation of VUE maps on the Tufts VisWall, improved text tool functionality, updated support for new operating system versions, wrote new OSID provider, developed visualization projects to present as models for Computer Science Data Visualization course, and produced VUE tutorial movies for Zotero and Semantic Mapping
  • Tufts Digital Library successfully created Dark Archive with custom security realm for university records, developed content models for faculty research and collection objects, as well as for generic objects and submission agreements, made revisions to the user interface, fixed Google indexing of TDL content, deployed a feedback mechanism, initiated the Record Creator Records (RCR) project and the TDL redesign project
  • WordPress blogging software integrated into Spark suite of tools for Tufts community
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial project launched
    Bengali Oral History Project

    Bengali Oral History Project

  • Bengali Oral History
  • Faculty Research Study led by Tisch Library – partnership of Tisch, AT, DCA, ITS
  • Teaching@Tufts environment prototyped and collaboration initiated with CELT to develop the site
  • Data visualization project for Peace & Justice Studies course with video-based summative interview with faculty member and TA
  • E-portfolio and digital storytelling project for Ghana Gold program
  • Architecture design, interface design, systems administration support, and software development for GIS Enterprise Web Portal
  • UIT Virtualization project
  • Artifact redesign
  • Astronomy 10 course website
  • Installation of Omeka, an open-source platform for publishing online exhibitions for Museums and Online Learning course (ED 292-12)
  • Upgrade to Confluence (SparkWikis)
  • Designed custom wiki theme for UIT’s GuardIt security web site
  • iTunesU research
  • Analyzed outsourcing choices, helped interview vendors, and participated in initial testing and research of Exchange 2010 for UIT Email/Calendaring project
  • MediaMarkups self-service component in development for Spark suite
    AT Fellows Program

    AT Fellows Program

  • custom integration of Google Docs into Spark for course evaluation
  • User-Centered Design (UCD) practices integrated robustly into AT project approach
  • Multimedia Resource & Production Center planning with Tisch Library
  • AT Fellows Program designed and prepared for launch
  • Participated on Lecture Capture Task Force in Health Sciences
  • ePortfolio and Learning Outcomes Assessment overview and consultation for Office of Institutional Research & Evaluation, Deans and Program Directors from across Tufts

Continuing Programs & Services:

Organizational Development & Enhancement:

  • AT Services Assessment & Planning process completed by full staff in Fall 2009
  • AT Services Catalog – released in beta, round 1 usability testing complete
  • Strategic planning session around AT communications
  • Dynamic new internal communications dashboard prototyped to facilitate information sharing across group
  • Proposal developed for integrated AT Web Presence/Portal
  • Integration of UIT Change Control system and practices into AT operations
  • Continued support for UIT Projects wiki environment
  • “UIT and AT Projects – From Initiation to Celebration” – quick reference guide developed in wiki
  • New advertising of AT tools and services via Tufts University web site, TuftsLife.com, and Tufts Online
  • Exploration and integration of standardized testing and development tools
  • Spark code sustainability improvements and modularizing to streamline new development
  • Career path mapping for software engineering area
  • Active search to fill Senior Director for Academic Technology Services position