Key Findings from the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and IT, 2012

The Tufts Students Respond 2012 report summarizes the results of the April ECAR 2012 survey that Tufts completed. A total of 701 Tufts undergraduate students participated in the survey – 201 seniors, 133 juniors, 165 sophomores, and 202 freshmen. This sample represents approximately 14% of the undergraduate student body at Tufts.

Key Highlights

Tufts Students Respond: ECAR 2012

  • Almost all students own a laptop as a primary computer for their academic work whereas desktop ownership and usage are significantly lower.
  • Students are most likely to use technology that they own and the correlation between technology ownership and usage is high.
  • Most students who own a smartphone perceive it as the 2nd most important technology asset for their academic success (laptops are first).
  • Students request more use of learning management systems (i.e., Trunk), podcasts/webcasts, and freely available course content in their courses as they view access to electronic materials and communication as important for their academic success.
  • Students prefer a blended mode of instruction and indicate an interest in learning new technologies that can be useful for their academic success.
  • Students believe email, face-to-face interaction and communication through Trunk are the most effective forms of communication to achieving their academic success.
  • Students feel that leveraging social networking tools can support their interaction with other students about their coursework whereas such methods are not preferred for their interaction with their instructors.