Educational Technology Services provides research and rapid prototyping services related to technology solutions for teaching and learning for the Tufts community.

Available To

Faculty, Graduate Student, Researcher, Staff, Undergraduate Student
All schools and divisions.

Quick Access

To propose an ETS R&D project, please visit and fill in the project proposal form or email

Benefits and Key Features

The technologies that support teaching, learning, and scholarly collaboration are evolving at a pace that can be difficult to keep up with. The R&D service provides a mechanism for the Tufts community to request R&D time and resources to explore new technologies and their potential applications to academic goals. These would be time-limited projects with no expectation of unlimited ongoing support or maintenance from ETS. Deliverables from an R&D project can include:

  • Technology/Literature review findings in white papers describing the current state of the technologies in question.
  • Working prototypes that can be evaluated during the course of a school term or year.
  • Formative and summative evaluation reports on the value of prototyped technologies.
  • R&D competitions used to jump-start institutional knowledge in a particular area of educational technology.

Each project proposal will be evaluated on its own merits with regards to:

    • Being within the teaching, learning, and scholarly collaboration scope of the ETS mission.
    • Feasibility based on time and resources available.
    • R&D projects that will most likely be taken on are those that can offer a quick turnaround (2-4 weeks for a deliverable).

Important Note

There will be no expectation that an R&D project will be turn into production-level or ongoing service. If the evaluation of a prototype indicates that further design and development would be beneficial as a more robust, production-level service, this will require a new project proposal and associated proposal review.



Getting Started

To propose an ETS R&D project, please visit and complete the project proposal form or email