Instructional Continuity sounds serious, but it really just means keeping your class on schedule during disruptive times. This might mean weather events, or it might mean widespread illness – anything that keeps the students from coming to class. Just as you would prepare your home and family for a snowstorm, you can also prepare your class. Plan ways and learn tools that allow you to do things remotely so that Mother Nature will not wreak havoc with your schedule.

Snow in the forecast! What do I do? Tips for instructional continuity on short notice.

Faculty Links

Instructional Continuity Tools to Use
Guidelines for decisions regarding products.

Training and Resources
Links to sites, instructions, and videos.

Preparation Checklist
Tasks to keep instructional continuity planning on track.

Suggestions and Options
Ideas for keeping the class on track.

Faculty Stories
Feedback from professors on their snow day experiences.

Faculty WebEx Cheat Sheet
Step by step notes to refer to when presenting an online session.

Video Tools for Teaching
Tools for recording and sharing lectures and other educational videos.

Student Links

Staying Connected
Devices and apps for staying connected in an emergency.

Student Responsibilities
Things to do before and during emergency closings.

Student WebEx Cheat Sheet
Step by step notes to refer to when attending an online session.

General Links

Emergency Response Resources
Tufts Office of Emergency Management.