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If I want to hold a class session online…

with quick setup on the occasional snow day? WebEx Meeting Center
with more robust features during the whole term? WebEx Training Center
and choose from a variety of audio options? WebEx Audio
and choose from a variety of content sharing options? WebEx Content Sharing
but can’t decide which WebEx product to use? WebEx Meeting vs Training vs Event Center

If I want to record lectures for students to view…

from Trunk or Canvas? Kaltura Media Tools
from a WebEx session? WebEx Recorder

For more options, see the Video Tools for Teaching guide.

 If I want to create a quick survey or quiz…

Outside Trunk, Canvas or TUSK? Qualtrics
in Trunk? Trunk Quizzes
in Canvas? Canvas Quizzes

 If I want to use interaction tools that are built into Trunk…

Group chat? Trunk chat
Individual chat? Trunk chat
Discussion? Piazza

 If I want to learn more about Trunk…

Setup? Trunk Site Creation
Support? Trunk Help