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Training Resources

Tufts University Learning Center The Learning Center is an educational tool designed to fit all the training and professional development needs of Tufts University faculty and staff.

Tufts University The site is a powerful resource for just-in-time training. The Online Training Library provides access to thousands of hours of instruction for Tufts users, all free of charge, 24-hours a day.

WebEx Resources

WebEx Meeting vs Training vs Event Center The difference between the various types of WebEx Centers.

WebEx Online Book WebEx is a web conferencing tool that allows two or more users to connect, meet, and collaborate online. It is available to all faculty, staff, and students at Tufts University.

WebEx Best Practices Things to consider before you launch your first WebEx session.

WebEx Plugin Instructions You do not need to install software to use WebEx, however, a plug-in is required.

WebEx Audio Instructions There are three methods for connecting to audio. Connecting via your computer’s audio system (speakers and microphone), call into the audio system, or request that the system call you.

WebEx Meeting Center – Online Training ‘Up and Running with WebEx Meetings’ is a 2 hour 17 minute course offered by

WebEx Training Center – Online Training ‘Up and Running with WebEx Training Center’ is a 2 hour 53 minute course offered by

WebEx Audio Training Video demonstrating how to use WebEx audio options.

Support Resources

Tufts Technology Services The TTS Service Desk.