When the snow is already falling, but no preparations have been made for instructional continuity, follow the steps below…

  • Immediately let your students know that you will be expecting something of them on the snow day (do this in person during class or via an update on your course announcements page).
  • Determine the level of instructional continuity that you are comfortable with on short notice (listed below in order of effort required from least amount of effort to most amount of effort):
  1. Extra Work: You can simply assign additional reading, assignments, or projects for the students to do (individually or collaboratively) on the day that class is cancelled.  This can be posted for your students via your preferred method of communication.
  2. Recorded Lecture: You can use Kaltura Media Gallery in Trunk to record your planned lecture in small chunks and post online in your course site for the students to view. You can also use Echo360 Personal Capture to record a video of your screen and microphone. Contact Educational Technology Services for an account and a link to download the software.
  3. Online Session: You can use WebEx to hold an online session and conduct your class as if the students were right there, then post the recorded version for later viewing as well (see Faculty WebEx cheat sheet and direct your class to the Student WebEx cheat sheet).

Help Desk: Tufts Technology Services