When snow is in the forecast, and there is limited time for preparations to be made for instructional continuity, follow the steps below.

  1. Immediately let your students know that you will be expecting something of them on the snow day (do this in person during class or via email or via an update on your course announcements page).
  2. Determine the level of instructional continuity that you are comfortable with on short notice (listed below in order of effort required from least amount of effort to most amount of effort):
    • Extra Work: You can simply assign additional reading, assignments, or projects for the students to do (individually or collaboratively) on the day that class is cancelled.  This can be posted for your students via your preferred method of communication.
    • Recorded Lecture: Go to the Video Tools for Teaching Guide for help choosing a video tool. Each “I would like to” link provides tool advice for a given situation, and each product link leads to the information page about that tool.
      • If you are already using Canvas for a course, you can use the Kaltura media tools to capture video and share it with students.
      • If you are familiar with WebEx and have the software installed, you can use it to record a video and then share a link to it.
      • If you are familiar with Echo360, email edtech@tufts.edu in advance to request access to Echo360 Personal Capture, then install the software and use it to capture and share video. This option requires advance planning.
      • Outside of an LMS, Kaltura Capture can be installed and used by any faculty member with no need for a license or ID. It can be used to capture video and post it to Kaltura’s MediaSpace, which makes it available in Canvas as well.
      • Box Capture is an iOS app which anyone can install on an Apple device.  You can then login with your Tufts Box login info, capture video, and send it out via Box.
      • Quicktime Player, which runs on Apple computers, will let the user capture video. Video is stored locally on the machine. It can then be uploaded via Kaltura’s MediaSpace, and then the link can be shared.
      • Explain Everything is a mobile app which costs $10.  Presentations are developed on a tablet (PC or Mac), and can include an infinitely zoomable whiteboard, multiple media, sketches, and animation.  Presentations can be built, run, and recorded as video which gets stored on the Explain Everything servers.  A link to the video can then be shared.
    • Online Session: You can use WebEx to hold an online session and deliver a lecture in real-time (see Faculty WebEx cheat sheet and direct your class to the Student WebEx cheat sheet). This option works best with advance planning. Consider holding a practice session with your students to troubleshoot any audio issues.