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ProctorU is an online proctoring service for use in fully online courses and programs. ProctorU allows a live proctor to monitor and record a student’s webcam and screen during a testing session, and notifies the instructor of any perceived academic dishonesty. Due to the invasive nature of this type of proctoring, ProctorU is only recommended for high-stakes assessments such as midterms, finals, or certification exams.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a per student, per test-instance charge associated with the use of this tool, along with other potential fees.

Requests to use ProctorU must be received prior to the start of the semester to allow for adequate set-up time and communication with students. Late requests may be denied depending on the timing and/or complexity of converting the exam. To request a consultation to see if ProctorU is suitable for your course, please review the information linked below and contact Tufts ETS at

ProctorU FAQ for Tufts Faculty
ProctorU Website
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