Classic Jenny with the morning report:

Mulembe! While the Bostonians have been hit with snow, we have been graciously given constant 80 degree weather. (However, last night it got below 70 degrees so Rogers made sure to put on his winter coat.) Yet despite the heat, the tank construction is almost finished, with only the stairs left to go. Three engineers, along with some community members, work hard all day long. (That is, except for an hour-long morning boosela break) (I have no idea how to spell boosela/busala, but I do know that it is a home-brewed beer that must be drunk using a 2-meter long bendy straw).

After two community meetings earlier this week in which the muzungo (white people) outnumbered the community members present, the third time really was the charm. Abby, Kyle, and Jenny spent all day hanging signs for the meeting, which called for the villagers to attend and “keep time.” Apparently “keep time” means start the two hours later than schedule to give people time to meander in.  Once everyone was finally assembled, we discussed our current project, example future projects, and what exactly the children would wear while cleaning the tank. By the end of the meeting, all important matters were decided upon, and the annual group picture was taken.

As always, food was a very important and eventful part of the day. For dinner on Thursday, Rogers got us a chicken, which Kevin preceded to slaughter and pluck. Then, as Rogers took out the insides, we all got a very detailed science lesson on chicken anatomy. I can now confidently say that I can identify a chicken kidney, although I couldn’t tell you the first thing about cooking it.

For breakfast today (Friday) we made Rebecca, our gracious host, banana pancakes with m&m’s and maple syrup. Rebecca’s three little boys especially enjoyed the maple syrup, making sure not to waste a drop by wiping both hands over the plate and then licking their fingers. The boys were consequently bouncing off the walls (and us) all morning long. For dinner tonight we will attempt to make a pizza on a charcoal fire as part 2 of Americans Attempt to Cook.

Tomorrow morning John will be leaving us, by foot then bus then car then plane then car, done in no time at all! Although we will miss him, we know that he will be greatly enjoying his travels by thinking about his day-long plane ride being over.