Concerned Citizen or Eco-Terrorist: You Be The Judge

You know how they say that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes?  Well, my first 15 minutes of fame came the year I finished college when some guys from Greenpeace needed a couch to sleep on and I let them crash at my house.  The next thing I knew I was trespassing down a dirt road along a river gorge, dressed in a hazmat suit, and siphoning toxic sludge out of a holding pond into some fifty gallon drums.


photos from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

That’s a much younger me captured by a photographer from the local newspaper.  The news article included my name and thus, my 15 minutes of fame began.

Fast-forward a couple decades to November 2015: my mom calls to tell me they reprinted the photo in the newspaper.  Cha-ching!  I’m up to 30 minutes of fame now!  The new article is an update about the water quality of the river, into which all kinds of industrial waste had leaked or been dumped over the years.  Now, the article reports, the fish in the river no longer tastes like creosote!

Looking back on my young, idealistic self, all I can think is, You fool, if you did that today you’d be facing terrorism charges!  Let’s just hope the statute of limitations has run!

If the FBI is reGreenpeace-2ading this, I emphatically deny knowing that Greenpeace was going to chain the barrels to the front door of the company that owned the toxic pond.  I swear.  Please, let’s just call this over – I’ve had enough fame!

Hey, but the pollution got cleaned up; the water quality is much improved.  You can eat the fish.  So…you’re welcome!  Concerned citizens can make a difference.

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