Attributes of Attraction

When my friend Dominique first introduced me to Ocin, I was immediately intrigued. She told me, “He’s Argentine and really cute, you’d like him”. The first time I spoke to him I thought he was super charming and funny. Not only did he immediately strike me as charismatic and engaging, I was also caught off guard by our mutual interests, background, and personality. We have a similar sense of humor, we’re both Argentine, we both speak Spanish, and we both like soccer. I found we could talk to each other for hours easily and were almost immediately comfortable with each other. My sense of liking for him is very similar to what a Social Psychologist would say leads to liking. We both see each other pretty often which would confirm the mere exposure effect, the effect that describes how the more exposure we have to a stimulus, the more we are apt to like it. Also, the real “fuel” for liking is our similarities. Our families have a similar experience because we both come from immigrant Argentine families. Since we both have mutual friends, I see him quite often, confirming the notion that the more we see and interact with people, the more likely they are to become our friends. One of the most important aspects of attraction is physical attractiveness. I find Ocin incredibly attractive. He has dark brown hair, tan skin, and he plays soccer, meaning he has an athletic build. We both have a very strong mutual attraction. If I had to choose what our relationship would be using Sternberg’s Triangle Theory, I would say it is more of an infatuation because our relationship is very passionate, but we do not know each other very well. I am hoping to get closer to him as I am starting to think I like him as more than friends, but I’m still trying to figure out my feelings.

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