Vertigo ( Hitchcock’s Dreamscape)

From Alfred Hitchcock’s film, In this single shot, we see the trunk of a giant tree whose phallic shape overpowers the rest of the objects in the space. The tree’s fantastic size is an embodiment of the fantastic realm of the dream state which is the result of the information we receive during our daily lives. The tree manifests as an overpowering presence because as it is phallic it also represents the which means the tree also symbolizes masculine anxiety that lies within the male subconscious and majorly impacts male actions. It also makes a larger point that we are all haunted by the logic of heteropatriarchy. We are all beholden to the logic of patriacrchy whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Even if we are acting in rebellion or critique of heteropatriarchy we still need heteropatriarchy to begin with. We are in a codependent relationship that is inescapable because similar to how the characteristics of a woman or a queer individual are the opposite of the heterosexual male, the phallus is also kept and maintained by acting in opposition to woman and queerness.

Furthermore, it is significant that Hitchcock chooses a tree specifically to exemplify this phenomenon of inescapable heteropatriarchy because a tree maintains itself by spreading roots under the surface of the ground similar to how the production of masculine anxiety is reliant on the mass reenactment of patriarchal ideology as a result of the subconscious that absorbs everything.

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