North By Northwest (opening credits)

In the opening credits of Alfred Hitchcock’s film, North By Northwest, Hitchcock already gives us a visual representation of the facade of masculinity and its connotation of naturalness. The opening credits read out the title North By Northwest along with directional iconography that resembles an erection as well the Mars symbol of the male sex. The title then fades into a close-up of the glass of the building reflecting the bustling city in which Roger lives. In this shot we are not seeing the city, we are only seeing an image of a reflection of the city. Therefore, we are also seeing a representation of how Roger and every other man is an identity that is not real or natural within itself but a presentation that, like an image, is projected onto men. With this image, we are seeing how every man under a heteropatriarchal society creates his masculinity, becomes a man, and acquires authority by mimicking other men and performing male-gendered acts.

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