The Birds ( The shop cages)

Early in the development of Hitchcock’s film, The Birds, Melanie meets Mitch who covertly flirts with Melanie by displaying dominance he holds over Melanie being that he knows more about Melanie than she does him. In this scene, Melani is faking her knowledge of birds in contrast to Mitch who knows her identity and therefore also knows of her lack of knowledge. Towards the end of their interaction, he says, “Get back in your cage, Melanie”. Revealing that he knows of her identity. This reveal of knowledge combined with the statement commanding a woman to get back in their cages shows us how men are allowed to gaze and observe therefore are allowed to gain knowledge while women remain in the dark. We see how women’s lack of knowledge and Man’s knowledge produces and maintains masculine dominance in a heteropatriarchal society. 

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