Orwell’s Take on Today

Orwell focuses his essay on the decline of the English language. He believes that current writers have done a disservice to society by using dying metaphors, meaningless words, and otherwise poor writing to express their ideas. He also makes a bold claim that the mere evolution of language is a negative trend itself.

I disagree with this last point. In reality, languages are judged by how easily they can adapt to a changing world. For example, I know that German is highly regarded as a very fluid language due to how it can easily create new words. Therefore, Orwell’s point that the English language has degraded from olden times due to modernization is false.

Also, I believe that Orwell is overreacting with his qualms about the essays he’s sampled. While I do agree that they are examples of poor writing, I do not think the matter is as severe as he is making it out to be. For example, the essays still use words and grammar, which is more than you can say about most communication today. With the recent advent of texting, people are choosing to use emoji’s, abbreviations, and even numbers in place of English writing. Although I’m sure Orwell would be astounded by our modern state of writing, I do not think he should be upset. While modern day communication may not be beautiful prose, it still gets the job done. There is a time and a place for both formal writing and informal writing, and I do not think Orwell should be so preoccupied by how people choose to express themselves.

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