Relatable and Precise Articles

These two papers were very informative to me; they forced me to think of what makes articles most compelling. Neither of them cover extremely complex topics that are difficult for the reader to comprehend, however, they do successfully cover topics that are specific and unique while still being relevant to the reader. Both papers focus on specific details, something that really helps me absorb the point and the opinion of the paper. For example, in “Color-Coded: Race, Class, and the Lasting Legacies of Relining” the author describes a scene in which, “White college students and nuclear families with blond hair spending $10 for a carton of strawberries at Dave’s Fresh Pasta.” The author does a great job of using specifics to create a scenario that all Tufts students and professors can relate to, not necessarily because they have experienced the situation, but because everyone can recognize the white students and identity the local Dave’s Fresh Pasta. As a result, the argument successfully depicts the gradual change of race and class in the areas surrounding Tufts university. Similarly, in the “Delivering Justice” article, the author references an alumni of Tufts. This interview allows for another connection to be made between the reader and the paper.

After reading both student written article’s I now feel as if I have a better grasp of how to approach the next paper. A powerful article comes from not a broad, general topic, but rather a precise, relatable subject.

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