Tufts Observer Articles

Of the two articles from the Tufts Observer posted on Trunk, Delivering Justice, discussed the history  of midwifes and doulas and their role in delivering children today. I had no idea that doulas or midwifes could possibly cause so much political and racial tension in America. I was also surprised and disappointed when I read that an African American women giving birth in America was three times as likely to die during childbirth than a white women.

After being shocked by the first half of the article, I found the efforts being made to make childbirth safe for all women very encouraging. I understand that some people, including President Trump, see these midwifes and doulas as unneccesary and are trying to make them harder to employ. I also see how women need support after they give birth, and that these midwifes and doulas are there to support women during and after they give birth. Tashianna Dew, a woman studying to become a midwife, brings up a great point in saying,“The doula is someone who is there for you throughout your whole pregnancy, coaching you, grieving with you. It’s like a sister. They’re feeling your pain and they’re right there to help you through it.” I believe this is true, as childbirth is unbelievably stressful and women deserve all of the free or inexpensive support they can get while in the hospital in order to help them recover quickly and allow them to get back to their lives before they pregnant as quickly and safely as possible.


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