Tufts Op-eds

I really enjoyed the first Op-ed about Midwifery. This subject is clearly a topic of considerable interest for the two authors. They clearly did a lot of research and are knowledgable about the subject as well. Hopefully I can choose a topic that I am very enthusiastic about as well. I think this will make the whole experience more fun for me. I also like how the two authors incorporated their research as well. For example, the Op-ed used quotes, statistics, and personal narratives in order to present information. Also, the information presented is indicative about their own opinions on the topic as well. It is very clear that the authors support midwifery and believe that is has an essential role in modern day life. I’m still confusedĀ about how much of our own opinions should influence how we write out Op-eds.

The second article was very well written as well. The author seamlessly transitions from the past to the present and weaves her analysis in as well. While some of the writing seems lighthearted, it is very clear that the writer is talking about serious issues. Gentrification and the legacy of segregation are surprisingly more intertwined than I originally thought before reading this article. It gave me a new perspective on housing in America, and was definitely a worthwhile article to read. Hopefully my article will be just as useful and informative. I will need to do considerable outside research in order to create a more convincing argument for my paper.

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