Devices that Improve Sleep Quality

While various forms of technology are known to negatively affect sleep quality, certain gadgets actually act as a sleep aid. It is widely known that spending time on one’s phone or computer before bed results in poorer sleep quality. However, so many different types of technologies exist now that there are devices that help facilitate sleep. Let’s talk about some of these devices.

White noise machines are quite common nowadays. There are people who even claim that they cannot sleep without the sound. White noise machines mask disrupting sounds that may prevent people from sleeping, such as noise from loud roommates or the noise from a radiator.

Smartwatches are common forms of sleep trackers.

Sleep trackers are another common form of technology that is used to indirectly help people sleep better. They commonly record sleep duration, sleep quality, sleep phases, environmental factors, and lifestyle factors. Not all sleep trackers have all of these components, but generally, these are the measures that sleep trackers record. Sleep trackers do not directly improve sleep quality; the purpose is instead to help identify patterns in sleep habits.

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Believe it or not, earplugs are also a form of technology! They are most useful for light sleepers or those who live in noisy areas, such as cities. My college roommate even used them on nights when I had to wake up early so that she could get the best sleep possible. Waking up due to noises is a major source of poor sleep quality because it impacts phases of deep sleep. Bose released Noise-Masking Sleepbuds, which are gaining popularity.

The Circle Home Plus.

 The final (and coolest) device I found is the Circle Home Plus. This device connects to an app that allows parents to set controls on various features, such as those pictured in the image below. It monitors technology usage and ensures that devices will not impact sleep quality by disconnecting to the Internet at scheduled times.

Premium features that the Circle Home Plus offers.

In conclusion, not all technology is bad for sleep. Devices that emit blue light, such as smartphones and computers, are the devices that negatively impact sleep quality and quantity. Research the benefits of other technologies to help yourself regain a good night’s sleep!


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