Blog Post #5 – The Evolution of Customer Service

Robots with headphones (done in 3d)

I recently bought a product that needed to be returned. When I went on the company’s website, I was directed to a chat conversation. At first, I completely thought this representative I was conversing with was human. The conversation was dynamic, and the employee responded casually and accordingly to my needs. However, the representative later asked me if I needed to be transferred to a human representative, which became the first time in the entire interaction that I became aware that I was messaging with a robot.

We expect robots to be found in the most grandeur of inventions – cars, planes, weapons even. When we think of robots we often think of high tech gadgets. However, the revolution has began in the day to day interactions we often overlook. Machine learning has permitted us to teach robots how to dynamically respond to our needs, and to carry conversations based on patterns. I think it’s fascinating how companies have utilized machine learning to create help centers directed by these automated systems. Alexa’s and Google Homes are now common entities in our households. While I look forward to where machine learning goes in enhancing our big technological advancements, I’m also fascinated by how our worlds are slowly revolving around these less flashy ones.

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