Blog #8: IOT and Home Security

An interesting, and rapidly growing application of IoT is in home security. In 2016, Business Insider predicted that by 2020, 193 million homes would have IOT smart home applications in use in the United States.

The obvious benefits of a home with IoT are the connectedness of control systems: thermostats, lights, electronics, doorbells and home security cameras. Amazon Echo and the Nest use smart technologies to adjust house settings according to the user’s preferences. The ease of these technologies permits a sense of comfort by homeowners in knowing their houses are being managed by these systems.

Another interesting benefit to the use of IoT devices is the conservation of energy. While humans may forget to turn the lights off, these products won’t. They can adjust lighting when the homeowners are away, and allows users to turn off lights remotely. Thermostats can be adjusted to conserve heat and electric bills.

I’m curious what the next frontier for homes and IoT will be. Will we need dog sitters? What about baby sitters? Could we train these technologies to watch animals, and even babies? While the adoption of this technology for home management is taking hold, I’m curious how far we will go with the maintenance of house, and if this will ever pass into the realm of the care of our loved ones in these homes.

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