Portfolio Assignment #1 – Website Build, Design, and Automation


In this first assignment, we were tasked with creating and customizing our own site to host our work. Considerations to keep in mind while constructing these sites included who will be visiting our portfolios, how our sites reflect us, and why we made specific design decisions that contribute to the overall look and feel.

Personae Creation

Jane is a fellow human factors engineering student at Tufts University, and a member of the ENP162 class. Like me, she is passionate about user experience and curious about the role humans play in a world that is becoming increasingly automated. Jane hopes to learn and engage in conversation surrounding this topic through visitation of my site. In order to accomplish this, Jane would prefer a site that is easy to find and one that avoids clutter and disorganization.

John is the head of UX at a major technology company whose current focus lies in the role of automated systems in the realm of transportation. He is enthusiastic and motivated to recruit new UX researchers and designers to add to his team. John visits portfolio sites in hopes of finding these team members. He likes sites that demonstrate and show off a candidates UX skills. He does not care for overly busy sites. As he doesn’t have much time in the day to browse, his favorite portfolios are to-the-point and informative.

Information Archtecture

I set up my website in a simple, easy-to-follow manner that seamlessly navigates the users through my portfolio pieces and blogs.

  • Homepage
    • Features the latest published blog posts
  • Blog
    • Organizes and archives the blogs I write
  • Portfolio Pieces
    • Catalogs the various assignments I will complete over the semester


I am continually and consistently updating my brand and what my brand-image means to me as a UX researcher and designer. I hope that my site demonstrates my passion and expertise in user experience in a variety of domains. My goal is for visitors of my site to see value in the work I do and the passion I have for UX, particularly in regards to consumer psychology, education, and technology.

WeBsite Design Decisions

As I’ve described above, the motivation of my site is to attract job opportunities as well as colleagues and mentors who share my passion for human factors and user experience. I made my site layout straightforward and simple to follow. I want my site to be easy to read, as the substance of my work should speak for itself above anything else. I also went for a blue color template, as a lot of my design work in the past features blue as it is my favorite color.

Automation – IFTTT

For my automated feature, I chose to link my Tufts Box account to my site. This allows for the automatic storage of all my blog posts as text file copies into my Box account as they are published. I chose this feature because I am an avid user of Box, and already have class folders for each project-based course I’ve taken. This allows me to have back-up files of my work readily available. Automating the transfer of my blog posts to Box saves me both time and energy of organizing this information myself.