Ole ole ole ole: Fletcher Fútbol

Whether you call it fútbol, football, zuqiu. or soccer, you’ll be glad to know that student life at Fletcher doesn’t call for 24/7 library confinement.  Indeed sports opportunities abound!  Students join together to hike the trails, spike the volleyball, and ski the slopes.  But here, Fútbol stalwart and first-year MALD student, Greg Bertleff, recruits for his team.

Fletcher Fútbol is a co-ed group of soccer players focused on having fun while playing competitively.  Against any opponent, we bring a global presence to the field, with players from multiple countries, and team chatter in various languages.

We usually play a game each week, and league play pits us against Boston-area rivals including Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School of Government, Brandeis, and others.  We also take part in intramural competitions against teams from throughout Tufts University.  This year, we participated in the Thai King’s Cup Tournament (Tufts version), and in the semi-finals we took the undergraduate varsity team to overtime!  Not a bad accomplishment for a bunch of has-beens!

Fletcher Fútbol just started our indoor season, which will give us somewhere to run around until spring comes along.  At times it can be hard to put away the books for an hour or two, but we usually welcome the much-needed break from our studies.  Finally, with a lot of players graduating in May, we’ll definitely be looking for some fresh legs to keep us going!

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