About Fletcher students

I’m very pleased with the results of my first ever blog survey, which has provided me with a nice list of topics of interest to readers.  Several people asked me to write about the waitlist.  Done!  And the suggestions of others will be covered in future blog posts.

A few people asked me to pull out my reporter’s notebook and start writing about professors and students.  As it happens, I have been working on a long post about one of our soon-to-graduate students.  Look for it next week!  And I’ll try to do more in the future.  Meanwhile, I’m going to use today’s post to point you toward information about students that’s already on the web site.

First, there are the brief pieces, including pre-Fletcher work and education experience, about the fall 2011 entering class — the folks who will still be around to meet our incoming students, and the fall 2010 entering class — the students to whom we’ll soon say good-bye.  And, you can access more profiles by degree program for MALD, MIB, LLM, MA, and PhD students.

I enjoy interviewing people, and I will definitely take the time to include more features on the blog in the future.  But I’ll also occasionally point you toward information that’s already out there and ready for you to read.

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