This is the 1000th post on the Fletcher Admissions Blog!  We launched the blog in September of 2006.  It took nearly five years to reach the 500th post in March 2011.  In the last few years, I’ve been increasingly fortunate to have student and staff contributions that make my work easy, and that resulted in the second 500 posts being completed in less than three years.

Nearly every Admissions staffer has written something for the blog, giving us (among other topics) tales of reading applications in the company of big dogs and small dogs, tea cups, and swimmers, as well photos from the road.  Of course, many students and, lately, alumni have allowed me to convince them to write, providing the best perspective on the Fletcher student experience.

I’ve been watching the post total climb, until I realized that if I just put up a post each day for the eight days leading to Thanksgiving, I could have the 1000th post appear on the day before the holiday.  I have probably run out of ways to express how much I enjoy Thanksgiving — my favorite of all holidays.  But in the spirit of the holiday, I’ll say that I am thankful for the opportunities created by the blog — to connect with future students, current students, alumni, staff, and faculty.

Needless to say — given that my primary role is admissions staffer, not full-time writer — the 1000 posts include a lot of quick updates and references to the weather.  But there are a few posts that still provide fodder for conversation, including the Supermarket Smackdown that we somehow ended up discussing at a lunch with students last week, or the apple-peeler-corer that Admissions intern Juanita said she remembered reading about when she applied.  (That fine little gizmo will be an important tool in my Thanksgiving pie production.)

I’m lucky to include in my workday a task that I so enjoy and that helps me build my Fletcher community.  Work we enjoy — something to be thankful for.  To all of my blog friends in, or from, the U.S., I wish you a very happy holiday!  I’ll be back next week, kicking off the second thousand Admissions Blog posts.

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