Public service announcement: annual application maintenance

A bit of Admissions nerdery to share today. This is the time of year when we complete our “cycle prep,” industry jargon for the (usually pretty minor) annual updates we make to the application for the upcoming admissions cycle. On our end it involves a bit of digital tinkering under the hood, updating dates to 2022, and a lot of proofreading and testing. On your end it doesn’t require anything at all but the knowledge that the application will be unavailable on the site for a short period.

You can expect to see the updated application available by mid-August, and we’ll be sure to make plenty of announcements to alert you to that fact. For the especially eager among you, it’s fine to use this time to work on your “peripheral” materials such as your resume, or to begin conversations with potential recommenders. For the rest of you, feel free to enjoy a few weeks safe in the knowledge that it’s still a bit early to be worrying about putting your application together.

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