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Is it possible that I have not yet waxed rhapsodic about the farmers’ market this year?  I went, as I always do, to the Davis Square market yesterday and there was a real August-worthy bounty awaiting me.  The piles and variety of produce increase week-by-week until there is truly more variety than a shopper could need.  The market is located close to campus but, more to the point, convenient to the parts of West Somerville/North Cambridge where students tend to live.  For those in other neighborhoods, there are markets all over the area.  In fact, there are several other markets that I could (and sometimes do) shop at, but the one at Davis is my favorite.

The vegetation wasn’t the only highlight yesterday.  I also ran into two Fletcher friends — Elke, a PhD candidate, and Lauren, a recent MALD graduate.  Such a treat to catch up in my favorite Wednesday location!

Because I haven’t managed to post earlier this week, and prospects aren’t looking good for tomorrow, either, I’ll run through a quick update.

♦The Admissions Office will soon be back to full staffing.  We have spent a lot of time interviewing jobs candidates and I look forward to introducing blog readers to our newest colleagues soon!

♦The pre-session starts Monday!  Required for incoming MIB students but available to interested students in other programs, the two weeks of the pre-session are filled with serious study in a somewhat relaxed summer atmosphere.  Here’s the description of their course:

The pre-session folks tend to cross through the Hall of Flags without drawing much attention, but we know they’re there — and that the full crop of incoming students will follow only two weeks later.

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Every so often, I remind myself that many blog readers are shivering in the southern hemisphere.  But I’m mid-summer (along with the majority of our applicants), so I’ll just apologize now for neglecting those of you south of the equator, while I struggle to keep the season from slipping away as fast as it might.

This isn’t a vacation-filled summer for my family, but Paul (my husband) and I put together a local mini-vacation this weekend.  With occasional chores and errands mixed in, we started on Friday with lunch at a dim sum place we like in Chinatown.  Then off to the Fuller Craft Museum, which we’ve never been to, and were rewarded with some fun exhibitions.  Once in that corner of the Greater Boston area, it was only a short hop to Ikea, which we escaped with only modest damage to our wallets.  Back home for a farmers’ market dinner — a nice salad and some grilled bluefish, all from the Davis Square market.

An early start on Saturday, and we jumped on the 9:00 fast ferry to Provincetown, where we had a nice lunch, a lovely dinner, and lots of walking around in between.  We also parked ourselves in the shade of the garden at the Provincetown Art Museum for a while.  Very vacation-y!

Sunday started slow — alternating work in the garden with a little relaxation — and then off to a late afternoon visit to Revere Beach with my son, Josh, and his girlfriend.  We fortified ourselves with pastries from Lupita Bakery (where Lupita always gives me a look of approval when I say I take my coffee with milk but no sugar).  After a few hours of reading, people watching (many soccer games in play), and walking on the beach, we had dinner (including a durian shake) at a Cambodian restaurant that is another of our favorite Revere spots.

Back to work today — but still enjoying the mini-vacation by writing about it.  The blog will return to admissions-related topics later this week.

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We have Norway maples around our house that provide wonderful shade in the summer, and hours of leaf raking in the fall.  Bagging leaves was, therefore, high on the agenda for the weekend, along with cheering on Kayla’s soccer team during the final game of the season, and doling out candy to trick-or-treaters for Halloween.

But between those activities, we still managed to squeeze in a few unplanned extras.  On Saturday, Paul and I decided to check out a new restaurant in Davis Square on our way to the movies.  We had barely walked through the door when we saw friends of ours.  Once we sat down, we spied one of this year’s MacArthur grant winners, whom we recognize because he works with our former next-door-neighbor.  On our way out, we passed Tufts president Larry Bacow.  Later, as we left the movie, we bumped into friends near the theater and, having walked them to their car, waved to yet another friend as she drove by during our trek home.

These are the days when, contrary to Somerville’s municipal status, it feels like a small town — the kind of place where you run into people you know wherever you go.  I like that!  But it’s also great to take advantage of all that Boston, our larger city neighbor, has to offer.

So off we went on Sunday.  Hopped on the T and soon arrived in Chinatown for dim sum.  When we walked out of the restaurant, I had a hankering for a cannoli.  (Doesn’t everyone follow-up dim sum with Italian pastries?)  A quick walk down the Greenway and we were in the North End, Boston’s traditional Italian neighborhood.  Warmed ourselves with coffees and yummy cannoli at a busy but mellow spot.

Back on the T in time for Paul to carve a pumpkin before the youngest trick-or-treaters started ringing the bell.  And we could hardly have forgotten about Halloween, as we passed witches, zombies, skeletons, one large elf, and a wookie on a Segway, as we meandered through this area where — depending on how you crunch the numbers — as many as 20 percent of residents are students.

All in all, a perfect small-town big-city fall weekend.

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I hope it was a good weekend for everyone.  It certainly was for us:  the Medford/Somerville metro area had fantastic weather — the type we look forward to all winter as we dig through the snow.  My husband, Paul, and I kept ourselves busy:  went to the theater, puttered around our small sun-starved garden, picked up after the high school girls varsity soccer team during their sleepover with our daughter Kayla.  But the event that establishes the flavor of the neighborhood is, without a doubt, the annual Honk! Festival.

So there we stood on Massachusetts Avenue on Sunday, watching a long and unruly parade of marching bands, clowns, people on stilts, and hula hoopers, many of whom displayed a clear political leaning.  It’s a joyful parade, a celebration following Saturday’s great music in Davis Square (and ending up at the annual Oktoberfest in Harvard Square).  Be sure to put Honk! on your calendar if you’re planning to be in the area next fall!  Meanwhile, check out this video, Louder than Words, made by Tufts students in an Experimental College class last year.

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Wednesday is the day for the Davis Square farmers market — just a 10-15 minute walk from Fletcher.  I won’t carry on about how I love this particular farmers market.  (I’ve done that once already this season.)  But I wanted to share someone else’s blog, which is completely dedicated to it.  Plan your visit to Fletcher for a Wednesday, and you can be buying fruits and vegetables just a few minutes after your interview ends.

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Other people wait anxiously for the start of the baseball season.  For me, the happy day that kicks off summer is the Wednesday when the Davis Square farmers market opens for the season.  Massachusetts has a really great network of farmers markets — some big, some tiny, including new stands at rest stops along the main highways.  I started going to the market at Davis years ago, and I’m a rain-or-shine weekly shopper.

This is New England, characterized by its short growing season, so the summer’s first markets have more vegetable plants than vegetables to eat.  There are also two bread bakers, several cheese makers, and a fish smoker.  It’s a small market, but how much can a person eat in a week?  It’s also the closest farmers market to Fletcher, though there are others that aren’t far away.  And this year, for the first time, there’s someone selling gelato!  Check it out next time you’re here on a Wednesday.  I’ll be there!

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