Submission and Extension Processes

Upon completion of the capstone project, students must complete the following steps to ensure that the capstone report is processed and the grade submitted accordingly:

1) If you are emailing your advisor the capstone project, send a copy of the report to the Registrar’s Office as well. Or, if you are submitting a hard copy of your capstone project to your advisor, also submit a copy of your capstone project cover page to the Registrar’s Office. In doing so, the Registrar’s Office will be made aware that the capstone project is complete and with the professor for review.

2) Download, fill-out, and either email or print the Capstone Report Form and submit it to the capstone advisor. Once your professor has finished grading your capstone project, he/she will send the completed report form with your capstone grade to the Registrar’s Office for processing. You cannot hand in this form containing the grade yourself to the Registrar’s Office. The report form containing the grade must be submitted by the professor, not the student.

(Note: The Registrar’s Office does not need a copy of this form from you. We only need the completed form with the grade from the Professor.)

Your Capstone Project Title Page should contain the following information:







In (partial) or (full) fulfillment of the (MALD, MA, MIB, or LLM) Capstone requirement


Capstone Extensions

Extensions for capstones are entirely at the discretion of the capstone advisor. If the capstone grade will not be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the capstone deadline, the student will need to extend the capstone project. Students must submit the Capstone Extension Form by the capstone deadline in their final semester.

All students are given an additional consecutive summer and semester past their expected graduation date to complete their capstone and/or language degree requirements (i.e. if you are expected to graduate in May, you may extend your capstone until the next degree granting in August or February the following year). This period is known as “CNC” or continuation no-charge, as tuition is not charged during the additional summer and semester, but full-time or part-time student status is maintained (status choice is up to the student).

If the capstone is not completed by the end of the CNC period, the student will be automatically discontinued and will need to petition to reinstate as well as pay the reinstatement fee in order for the capstone grade to be processed and the student to graduate in a future semester.