Course Registration Overload Policy

All MALD, LLM, and MA students are allowed to take 13.5 credits only ONCE during their Fletcher career.* All MIB students are allowed to register for 15.0 credits twice during their Fletcher career and may register for 16.5 credits ONCE (done only during the semester following the August pre-session course).

For MALDs, LLMs, and MAs who want to register for a course that will put the semester course load over the 12.0 credit limit set on SIS, students must email the Registrar’s Office at with their additional course SIS number (the five-digit number in parentheses), section, and course name. The course will then be added to their record.

*Please note that if a student takes 13.5 credits in one semester, then the student may take 10.5 credits in a subsequent semester. However, the student will still have to pay for 12.0 credits and that missed 1.5 course credit cannot be made up in a following semester (i.e. take a 13.5 credit overload again).