Before cross-registering at Harvard, please ensure that you read and understand all cross-registration policies. It is your responsibility to know the policies before cross-registering.

Please check each Harvard school’s website for the cross-registration enrollment dates. There is no pre-registration for Harvard courses. Each school normally gives priority to its own students so it is always best to register for a back-up Fletcher course and then drop it if need be. A Harvard instructor’s approval does not guarantee a spot in the course. Some courses have required fees for access to articles and specific software. These fees are not always well advertised so if you are concerned about a potential fee, please follow up with the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office directly for more information before you enroll in the course. 

Please closely review the Harvard cross-registration instructions below and visit the My.Harvard cross-registration portal to set up a Harvard key. The Harvard key will either be synced to a current Harvard ID (HUID) or create a new HUID for you if this is your first time cross-registering. You will then receive an email from Harvard IT asking you validate your Harvard key. This will give you access to your own course enrollment page in My.Harvard.edu.

Technical Issues: If you have any technical issues or receive any errors when trying to cross-register through the system, please contact registrar@hsph.harvard.edu (use this email, regardless of which school you are cross-registering into) and attach a screenshot of the error message. Additional course registration information can be found in the Registrar’s Office Student Knowledge Center.

Cross-Registration Dates and Course Questions: If you have questions in regards to cross-registration dates or course specifics, please contact the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office.

IMPORTANT: Students may submit multiple cross-registration petitions, but you should not enroll in more than the equivalent of 6.0 Fletcher credits each semester (see credit conversion chart below). Students who would like to drop a Harvard course must do so by the FLETCHER DROP DEADLINE directly through the Harvard cross-registration portal. Failure to properly drop the course will result in a permanent withdrawal code of “W” being recorded on your official transcript for the course. If you are on a wait list for a course, you must also drop it through the portal or you may get automatically enrolled in the course should a spot open up. Students should follow the Harvard drop/add deadlines when registering for Harvard modules that start in the second half of the semester.

Winter Term Courses: All courses taken during the winter term will be counted toward the spring term – no exceptions.

Harvard Cross-Registration Instructions_1-2019

Credit Value Conversions
  • Harvard Law School: 2 credit HLS courses = 1.5 credit at Fletcher; and courses of 3 or more HLS credits = 3.0 credit at Fletcher. [please note that all HLS grades will reflect the HLS grading system and will not come over as letter grades]
  • Harvard Business School: 3 credit HBS courses = 3 credit at Fletcher; 1.5 credit HBS courses = 1.5 credit at Fletcher. [please note that all HBS grades will reflect the HBS category system and will not come over as letter grades]
  • HSPH: 2.5 credit HSPH courses = 1.5 credit at Fletcher; and 5 credit HSPH courses = 3.0 credit at Fletcher.
  • Harvard FAS: a semester-long half course = 3.0 credit at Fletcher; and a year-long full course = 6.0 credits at Fletcher (3.0 credits per term).
  • HKS: 4.0 credit HKS courses = 3.0 credit at Fletcher; 2.0 credit HKS courses = 1.5 credit at Fletcher
Harvard Cross-Registration FAQs

1) How do I cross-register at Harvard?
Please review the linked pdf above and visit the Harvard website to create a Harvard ID.

2) What are the Harvard drop and add dates?
Please visit the appropriate Harvard School website for the add dates as every school has different dates. All courses must be dropped by the FLETCHER drop deadline.

3) How many Harvard/Tufts courses can I take during my Fletcher career? In one semester?
For degree-seeking Fletcher students:
• 25% of a student’s entire program may be fulfilled with cross-registered courses at Harvard and/or other Tufts Schools (i.e. 12.0 credits for MALD & MIB; 6.0 of 24.0 full-credit courses for MA, MATA, and LLM).
• No more than the equivalent of 6.0 Fletcher credits may be cross-registered in a given term

4) How do I drop a Harvard course?
Starting in Spring 2019, students will be able to drop the course directly through the Harvard cross-registration portal by the Fletcher drop deadline. It is polite to notify your Harvard professor of your intention to drop the course, but not necessary. Please note that notifying your professor of your intent to drop the course does NOT constitute as dropping the course. You must drop the course through the Harvard portal. If you are on a wait list for a course, you must also drop it or you may get automatically enrolled in the course should a spot open up.

5) When will the Harvard course show up on my SIS record?
The Harvard course will show up on your record about a month into the semester once it is approved by the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office, after the drop/late add deadline. We manually add each Harvard course to your record. Please make sure there is room on your SIS record for the course.

6) Do I need to notify the Fletcher Registrar’s Office of the fact that I am taking a Harvard course?
Unless the Harvard course does not appear relevant to your Fletcher degree program, then you do not need to notify the Fletcher Registrar’s Office of your intention to take a Harvard course. Please abide by all cross-registration policies.

7) I am expected to graduate at the end of the semester, but I want to take a Harvard course. Will this impact my graduation status?
IT MIGHT. Harvard has different grade deadlines than Fletcher. If you must enroll in a Harvard course your final semester, then you run the risk of a grade not being received by the Fletcher Registrar’s Office in time for graduation. All grades must be sent from the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office, not the professor. WE CANNOT EXPEDITE THE RECEIPT OF YOUR GRADE OR CONTACT THE HARVARD REGISTRAR’S OFFICE ON YOUR BEHALF. KNOW THE RISK OF TAKING A HARVARD COURSE IN YOUR FINAL SEMESTER.

8) I won’t receive confirmation of my enrollment in a Harvard course until a few weeks into the semester, what should I do?
You should always have a back-up Fletcher course in mind. You may register for this back-up course and then drop it as soon as you receive confirmation from the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office of your enrollment in the course (this notification of enrollment is done through the Harvard portal). Please be sure to drop your back-up course prior to the drop deadline or you risk receiving a “W” on your record (see the Academic Calendar for Fletcher add and drop dates).

9) Can I take cross-register for courses at MIT/BU/BC…etc.?
No, we only have cross-registration agreements with Harvard and Tufts.