Cross-Registration Policies

Fletcher only has cross-registration agreements with Tufts University and the Harvard University graduate schools. Fletcher does not have cross-registration agreements with any other universities in the Boston area.

All cross-registered courses must be graduate-level courses. Students may cross-register for up to 25% of their courses while at Fletcher. Please keep in mind that any transferred credits taken prior to enrollment at Fletcher count towards the quarter total. Students are permitted to take no more than the equivalent of 2.0 Fletcher full-credit courses at Tufts or Harvard in a given semester.

Non-Fletcher courses may not be used to fulfill breadth requirements nor may they be used to fulfill the required course in a field of study unless approved by the professor who oversees the field.

MALD and MIB Students

Students are permitted to take no more than the equivalent of 2.0 Fletcher full-credit courses at Tufts or Harvard in a given semester. Students are permitted to cross-register for a maximum of 12.0 course credits at Harvard or Tufts during their Fletcher career. For MIB students, only two of the cross-registered courses may be taken at Harvard Business School.

MA and LLM Students

A maximum of two cross-registered full-credit courses may be used to fulfill the degree requirements and for LLM students, only one of the two cross-registered may be taken at Harvard Law School. In such case, the Harvard Law School course will count towards the total number of law courses the LLM candidate is required to take. Cross-registered courses may not be used to fulfill the distribution requirements.

MATA Students

If completing one year (two semesters) of coursework at Fletcher, MATA students may cross-register for a maximum of two full-credit courses. If completing one semester of coursework at Fletcher, MATA students may cross-register for one course.

PhD E.P.P. Students

Students in the PhD E.P.P. program are eligible to cross-register at the Harvard University graduate schools for a maximum of two full-credit courses per semester and no more than 25% of the course credit total for their entire program. Students who would like to cross-register at Harvard must abide by Fletcher’s cross-registration policies and instructions.

Exchange Students

Exchange students may cross-register for one full-credit course at Tufts or Harvard.

ISSP Fellows, CIERP Fellows, Visiting Scholars, and Other Fellows or Visitors to the Fletcher School

Visitors to the school who are not enrolled in Fletcher degree programs (with the exception of exchange students) are not permitted to cross-register and/or audit courses at Harvard. No exceptions.

Joint Degree & Potential Exchange Participants

Fletcher students in a degree-seeking program who would like to complete an exchange or joint degree program are not eligible to cross-register. If you are a first-year student considering participating in an exchange or a joint degree program you should refrain from cross-registration.

Warning for Upcoming May Graduates

For those expecting to graduate in May, cross-registering in the spring term at Harvard may delay graduation. Due to differences in Fletcher’s academic calendar and Harvard’s academic calendar, grades for non-Fletcher courses taken in the spring term may not be received in time for a May degree.


Please note that some of the host graduate schools may consider a grade below B- as passing. However, Fletcher does not accept any grade below B- as satisfactory for degree credit. Any Harvard or Tufts course that does not have a letter grade (such as HBS’s “Category I-IV” grading or HLS’s H, HP grading) is not included in your cumulative GPA however, the credits are included in the degree credit total.

Credit Conversion

Please note that some cross-listed courses may have a different credit value at one Harvard graduate school than another. For example, a course that is jointly listed at the Kennedy School and the Law School may be worth a full-credit at Kennedy and only a half-credit at HLS. Fletcher students will be awarded the credit value that is given at the host school where they are registered. Please review the Harvard cross-registration page for more information on credit conversion.


Students may not audit a Harvard or Tufts course. Students interested in auditing a Tufts language course should review the Language Audit page.

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