Independent Study Courses

All Fletcher students have the option of pursuing an independent study course with a Fletcher faculty member during their Fletcher career. Students commonly pursue an independent study course in their final semester so as to allow more time to focus on the capstone project.

An independent study course can be a full or half-credited course and must be done with a Fletcher faculty member. The credited course will count towards the student’s course credit total needed for degree completion. The overseeing faculty member and the student are responsible for determining a meeting schedule, course syllabus, and deliverable or “final” for the course. For many students, the capstone project serves as a “final project” for the independent study course. Please note that the independent study course grade and capstone grade are two separate grades that will be reflected separately on the transcript. They may or may not be the same grade.

To pursue an independent study course, the student should get the Independent Study Form signed by the overseeing faculty member and submit it to the Registrar’s Office so that it can be added to the student’s record within the first few weeks of the semester.