Exchange & Dual Degree Programs

Exchange Programs

Fletcher offers a number of exchange programs with partner institutions around the world. MALD and MIB students have the option of studying at one of our exchange partner institutions in their third or fourth semester. They are expected to take a full course load at the host institution. Fletcher tuition is paid and Fletcher financial aid is received during the exchange semester.

Every February, the Registrar will send out an email to the student body containing logistical information in regards to each exchange program and the application process. Exchange program applications are due in March to the Registrar’s Office.

Information on the 2019 exchange program opportunities can be found on the Exchange Program Application Information Sheet.

Dual/Joint Degree Programs

Fletcher has established a number of partnerships with institutions around the world allowing students to supplement their Fletcher education with a joint or dual degree. Students interested in pursuing a joint or dual degree program should review the information posted on the main Fletcher website.

Please note that students will be responsible for applying and gaining admittance to the partner institution except for those interested in pursuing a dual degree with St. Gallen should apply through the Fletcher Registrar’s Office.

Once the student has been accepted to both institutions, the student should complete the Dual Degree Notification Form.

Ad-Hoc Dual Degree Program

In addition to the official joint and dual degree programs, students have created their own ad hoc dual degree programs with other leading graduate and professional schools. Candidates for an ad hoc dual degree should consult either the Fletcher Director of Admissions or the Registrar after gaining admission to both institutions, to ensure that the proposed ad hoc program meets all requirements.

While details for completion of dual degree requirements may vary depending on the program, Fletcher requires that the following four criteria be met:

  1. The student is admitted separately to each school.
  2. The student spends at least three semesters and takes a minimum of 12 courses (four per semester) at Fletcher.
  3. The student requests transfer credit for a maximum of four courses from the partner institution for the MALD degree after successfully completing eight Fletcher courses.
  4. The student completes the foreign language and Capstone Project requirements.

All students interested in dual degree programs must apply to Fletcher and the partner institution separately. Each school/department will admit students according to their own policies and qualifications. Scholarships will be awarded by the school in which the student is registered.

Once the student has been accepted to both institutions, the student should complete the Dual Degree Notification Form.

Transferring Credits

Once the student has completed at least one semester of coursework at the partner institution, the student may apply for transfer credit and submit the Dual Degree Transfer Credit Request Form.

Courses taken at another institution may not be used to fulfill breadth requirements. With the permission of the field advisor, the student may be able to include one of the courses taken during the dual/joint degree program as an elective course within their chosen field of study.