All MA students must complete 24.0 credits in order to receive their degree. Normally, students take 12.0 credits each semester. Within the 24.0 credits, the following criteria must also be met:

Academic Advising

If you need assistance navigating your degree program or selecting classes, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are on track to graduate.

  1. Meet with your assigned academic advisor – All students are assigned a faculty member to serve as their advisor upon beginning their Fletcher career. Meeting with your academic advisor is not mandatory, but he/she may provide some helpful insights as to which classes might be relevant to your career and academic goals. Please note that faculty members are experts in their fields, but may not have a thorough knowledge of all degree requirements needing to be fulfilled.
  2. Fill out a plan of study form – This will help you understand if your proposed plan will meet your degree requirements.
  3. Look over the different course syllabi – You should hopefully get a good idea on how heavy and challenging the workload will be based on the homework and paper assignments. Make sure you diversify your course load (i.e. don’t overload on reading intensive or quantitative heavy courses).
  4. Meet with the course instructor – If you are unsure of your ability to take a specific course given your background and prior coursework, you should consult with the course instructor. He/she should be able to advise as to whether or not the course will be a good fit for you and your academic concentrations.
  5. Talk with your classmates, in particular, 2nd years! They will be able to provide some of the best insight in regards to the professors’ teaching styles, course content, and format (i.e. heavy reading, group work, lots of projects…etc).

If after completing the above steps, you are still confused and feel overwhelmed, please feel free to stop by the Registrar’s Office during our open office hours for a consultation. We ask that you please bring a completed plan of study form with you.