Transfer Credit

Students petitioning to transfer credit from a dual/joint degree program should review the information on the Dual/Joint Degree Programs Page.

Transfer credit is not an option for MA, MIB, LLM, or PhD candidates. The only exception is MIB candidates enrolled in exchange or joint degree programs.

For MALD students, no more than four courses can be transferred for credit. MALD students may submit a CSAP petition for transfer credit. It should be done as early in their Fletcher careers as possible. The approved transfer credit will not show up on the Fletcher transcript until eight course credits have been completed. The following requirements will be reviewed by the CSAP committee when reviewing transfer credit petitions:

  1. The course is taken at an accredited graduate school and is comparable to course offerings at The Fletcher School;
  2. The student is registered as a graduate student at the time the coursework is completed;
  3. The grade received is a B or better and an official transcript is submitted;
  4. If the course is offered at a time other than the academic year, documentation is submitted demonstrating that the course is comparable to the courses taught during the academic year;
  5. A course description, reading list, and/or bibliography is submitted;
  6. The course is evaluated and approved by a Fletcher faculty member who offers coursework in this area. Approval is based on a review of the course content;
  7. The student presents a strong justification as to the relevance of the proposed transfer credit to his/her academic program at Fletcher;
  8. The course(s) was (were) not offered toward a prior degree and;
  9. If transferring multiple courses (i.e. dual degree candidates), all courses and supporting material are presented as a complete package at one time.