Accessing Funding

Fall Funding Deadline: December 2, 2019 at 5pm

Spring Funding Deadline: April 27, 2020 at 5pm

Reimbursements and Payment

In most cases, club members will buy materials for events with personal funds. Make sure that the business does not charge tax because all club purchases are tax-exempt, and Student Affairs is unable to reimburse sales tax on purchases. You may obtain a tax-exempt form from the Office of Student Affairs in Cabot 403B. You can present this form when paying for club items.


After making club purchases, you can submit receipts in person or via email to

In all cases you must provide:

  • An itemized receipt with a clear method of payment (reimbursements cannot be processed without itemized receipts).
  • Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Email address of payee
  • Name of Student Organization
  • Address (for check to be mailed)
  • Reason for expense (e.g. XYZ Club event on ABC)

Most reimbursements will be in the form of a check, which you will receive via U.S. mail in about 2 weeks. To receive a reimbursement by check, you may be required to enter your information via Payment Works, Tufts payment system. You will receive an email with the subject line, “Tufts University New Vendor Registration.”

However, if the expense is less than $50, you can request to get cash immediately at Dowling Hall with a petty cash reimbursement. This must be specified when you submit your reimbursement. All petty cash reimbursements require an original receipt-photocopies or photos of receipts are not accepted.

Advance Payment

In certain cases, if you are concerned about paying out of pocket, you can also have the Office of Student Affairs pay with the club credit card ahead of time. It is best to ask the business first if they will accept a tax exempt credit card over the phone.

To request advance payment you must:

  1. Call the business and place your order
  2. Email Student Affairs with the phone number and name of the business and the order price at least two business days in advance.
  3. Immediately after the event, submit the receipt to the Office of Student Affairs.
Cost Sharing Information

Student clubs may not exceed the funding amount that Student Council has allocated to them for the semester. If a student club is seeking additional funding for events, student groups may receive funding from other student groups or from Fletcher departments or centers.

Sharing costs with another student group:

The student leader receiving the funds must:

  1. Email Student Affairs
  2. CC the leader of the student group sending the funds
  3. Indicate the amount to transfer from one student group to the other or vice versa

Sharing costs with a Fletcher department or center:

The student group must request both funding and logistical support from the department or center.

E.g. If the student group is partnering with a separate department, they can coordinate facilities, catering, police detail, etc. as applicable through the department or center administrator rather than through Student Affairs.