Expenses and Billing

2019-20 Fletcher Tuition and Fees
MALD, MA, LLM & PHD tuition $48,584
MIB tuition $56,860
GMAP Tuition, all inclusive $81,436
PhD post-coursework Enrollment Fee $4,320
Blakeley Hall – Full Academic Year $7,270
Health Services Fee – Academic Year $872
Health Insurance Fee (Single Student) $3,260*

Standard Budget – Full Academic Year (9 months) – Includes Tuition, $18,800 for Room & Board, Personal Expenses, and Books & Supplies, and the Health Services Fee

*Full academic year rate. Januarians will be charged a pro-rated one-semester insurance fee for the final semester. See here for details.

MALD, MA, LLM & PHD total $68,256
MIB total $76,532

Please contact Tufts Student Financial Services if you need this budget increased. There is a one-time allowance for a computer purchase. Other increases are made on a case-by-case basis.


Information on Paying Your Bill, eBilling, Refunds, and Taxes can be found at uss.tufts.edu/bursar/.


What is the typical tuition increase each year?

Tuition and fees normally increase 3-5% annually, in July each year.