Scholarship Renewal Guidelines

Each year The Fletcher School allocates funds for student scholarships. The funds are divided equally for first- and second-year students and are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need. Students who will take classes at Fletcher next year and wish to be considered for a Fletcher scholarship should complete the Continuing Student Scholarship Application.

Please submit the Continuing Student Scholarship Application to Fletcher’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (Goddard 213) by April 10, 2020You must submit this form even if you received a Fletcher scholarship for your first year of study. (Please note that PhD students who will be charged the enrollment fee only should use the simplified PhD Enrollment Fee Scholarship Application.)

The Office of Admissions aims to provide students with scholarship information by mid-June, provided the application is complete and was received by the deadline. In addition, please note that:

  • Each Fletcher scholarship will be divided equally between the student’s fall and spring semester tuition charges, assuming the student is enrolled full-time and registered for four courses per semester. Scholarship awards will be pro-rated to reflect a tuition reduction when a student enrolls in fewer than four courses. The remaining scholarship funds will not be applied to subsequent tuition charges. For example, if a student who was awarded a $3000 Fletcher scholarship each semester drops from four courses to two courses in one semester, the scholarship for that semester will also be reduced by half, from $3000 to $1500.
  • Students who will be studying at another school next year (pursuing a joint degree) do not need to apply for a Fletcher scholarship this year, but should plan to apply in the spring of the year before they will return.
  • Januarians should complete the scholarship renewal form in each of their two spring semesters at Fletcher. During the first semester, you will complete the form to renew your scholarship for the following full academic year. During the second spring semester, you will again complete the form to renew your scholarship for your final (i.e. fall) semester. Januarians should note that tuition typically increases 3-5% prior to each fall semester.
  • Students who receive fellowship assistance from outside sources are required to provide this information in writing, including the amount and source of the scholarship, to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. If a student does not provide information regarding the outside scholarship, all current and previous Fletcher scholarships may be withheld.
  • Fletcher scholarship funds include approximately sixty “named” fellowships. Students who submit the Scholarship Renewal form will be considered for these awards as part of the normal award review process. Awards that require a separate application are advertised by email via the Fletcher Student list.
  • Scholarships for continuing students will not be awarded if the student has received an incomplete grade, UNLESS a written statement, also signed by the professor, is submitted to explain why the assigned work was not completed before grades were submitted, and to provide a date when the work will be complete. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the explanation of the incomplete grade.

Renewal Scholarship Awards

Scholarship awards are not renewed automatically. Students who received scholarships in their first year must reapply for their second year or subsequent semesters of study. Scholarship support to first-year MALD and MIB students is renewed for the second year only if the student has achieved passing grades in all first-year courses and the student has adhered to the School’s Honor Code. Please see the relevant sections of the Student Handbook for the definition of “Good Academic Standing.”

New or Increased Scholarship Awards

In general, because the total number of students in a class can fall after the first year due to reasons such as leaves of absence or study at other institutions, some funds may be available to make new awards, or to supplement awards, for continuing students. New awards and increases to existing awards will be made based on merit and need, for both U.S. and non-U.S. students. Merit is based on first‑year academic performance at Fletcher. Need is based on the student’s financial resources as indicated on the Continuing Student Scholarship Application. Incomplete or incorrect forms may make it impossible for the School to determine actual need and, under this circumstance, no new scholarships or increases will be awarded. Awards will not exceed tuition, and will not be greater than demonstrated financial need.

Awards to PhD Students

The School makes awards to assist PhD students with tuition and PhD enrollment fees. Scholarships for tuition for PhD candidates are awarded on the basis of need and merit, using the same criteria as for master’s-level candidates, upon review of the same application forms.  Students no longer charged tuition (Enrollment Fee only) should submit the simplified PhD Enrollment Fee Scholarship Application. Enrollment Fee Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and merit, where progress toward the PhD is the primary factor.


For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents 

U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for Federal loan and work study programs. The Tufts University Office of Student Financial Services determines loan and work‑study eligibility based on financial need, as demonstrated on the FAFSA form. Detailed information on the loan and work study programs can be found on the University’s financial aid web site. Please note that students are not required to submit the FAFSA for Fletcher scholarships, but you must submit it if you wish to be eligible for U.S. government loans.

2020-2021 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

U.S. citizens and permanent residents, please note that you should  complete and submit the FAFSA, which is required if you are seeking funds through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program, the Federal GradPLUS program, and the Federal Work Study (FWS) program

FAFSA forms should be completed by April 15 (March 15 for first-time applicants). A financial aid letter cannot be generated until the Tufts Financial Aid office receives your FAFSA data. Even if you have not completed your tax return forms, it is strongly recommended you use estimated income/tax information in order to submit the form on time. Students interested in being considered for Work-Study funds must ensure their FAFSA has been filed and received by Student Financial Services in Dowling Hall by May 1.

You can complete the FAFSA on-line at To file on-line, you will need a PIN (personal identification number).  First time applicants, and those who have forgotten their PIN, can apply for a PIN at The Tufts Federal Institutional Code Number is 002219.  If you have already completed the FAFSA for graduate study, you will be able to follow the simplified FAFSA renewal process.

If you have questions about the FAFSA or the federal programs, please contact Student Financial Services at or at 617-627-2000. You can also contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FEDAID (1-800-433-3243).

Alternative Loan Programs Available to U.S. and International Students

There are a variety of supplemental loan programs available to U.S. citizens and to international students with a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen. The terms and conditions of the alternative loan programs are usually not as favorable as U.S. government loans. (U.S. students are encouraged to borrow through Federal Direct Stafford and GradPLUS Loan Programs.) Information can be found here.