Getting Paid – Hour Submission Form

1)      You can report hours online via the following link.

Student/Temp Hour Submission

2)      Hours are due for the prior week by Monday at 2:00pm.

3)      Payment will be via direct deposit every Friday for weekly employees, and on the 15th and 30th of the month for semi-monthly employees.

4)      The FIRST payment when you are put on to payroll will be via paper check. Checks will either be mailed to your local address on file or will be sent to the Fletcher Office of Admin and Finance, Cabot 405. Please ensure that your local address is up to date in SIS before beginning work.

 Whom to Contact with Payroll and Hiring Issues

  • First, check the Employee Self-Service website to view your paycheck detail:
  • For tax or direct deposit issues, please contact Tufts Shared Services at, 617-627-7000, or 62R Talbot Ave
  • For hours or pay rate issues, please email the Payroll Coordinator via